CSL and BAND have revamped our program for Spring 2017 to offer even more opportunities for clubs to earn awesome prizes while getting organized by utilizing BAND. Now, clubs will be able to earn BAND points and unlock great prizes, from sponsored food, T-Shirts, gaming gear, and more! Read below for more details!

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Earn $20,000+ in prizes for your college gaming club!

This Spring, we’re unlocking awesome points for schools who reach a certain level of BAND points (“BP”)! Start unlocking prizes at 500 BP, and aspire to have CSL help design and produce custom club shirts at 5,000 BP, in addition to all the other prizes. Make sure to get on board with BAND this Spring to earn awesome rewards.

BAND Points500750100015002000LAN Party
Prize UnlockedBAND Eats - $100 value of food for your next gaming club meeting!15 $10 RP or Amazon gift cards to give out to your club membersBAND Swag box ($200) value, includes shot glasses, shirts, and other fun stuff!Gaming gear package ($400 value) from ASUS - we'll work with you to pick the best items100 t-shirts custom designed by CSL, with your club's approval, to hand out to your club members!Special prize given to the top BAND 3 clubs, we'll sponsor a prize pool up to $500 next Fall to welcome back the new school year

HOW TO EARN POINTS: (a) 1 BP per each unique member; (b) 5 BP per engagement (engagement = post, comment, share, or other content posted on your school BAND).

Notes: table will update on a weekly basis, we will work with BAND to prevent against abuse of the system. We want real content posted, not spam!

Band Leaderboard

#College BANDThis WeekLast WeekTotal BAND Points
1Texas Tech University - CSL41.5532.6574.1
2UTMLA - University of Toronto Mississauga0482.2482.2
3University of Texas at Arlington - CSL24.4301.2325.6
4"University of Tennessee Knoxville - CSL"28227.3255.3
5"University of California Riverside - CSL"0242.9242.9
6DePaul University- CSL17.6197.7215.3
7"CSL University of Maryland College Park"27.2117.5144.7
8SNHU Gaming Club2.1108.2110.3
9University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - CSL084.484.4
10"University of California San Diego - CSL"048.448.4
11"University of California Los Angeles - CSL"046.446.4
12"University of California Irvine - CSL"027.827.8
13"UTSA + CSL (University of Texas San Antonio)"015.315.3
14Princeton University - CSL015.215.2
15Oakland University - CSL012.912.9
16Ohio State University09.89.8
17Carnegie Mellon University - CSL09.59.5
18Western Kentucky University066
19University of Ottawa066
20Rutgers University - CSL055
21University of Central Florida - CSL04.54.5
22Harvard University - CSL01.91.9
23Queen's University - CSL01.91.9
24Texas State University - CSL000
25Southern Illinois University Edwardsville - CSL000
26Simon Fraser University000
27"University of California Santa Cruz"000
28Brigham Young University000
29Cal Poly Pomona000
30Carleton University000
31Clemson University000
32Elon University - CSL000
33Emory University - CSL000
34George Brown College - CSL000
35University of Arizona000
36University of Missouri - Kansas City000
37Appalachian State University000
38"California State University Fullerton - CSL"000
39Emerson College000
40George Mason University000
41Kansas State University - CSL000
42Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - CSL000
43University of Florida - CSL000
44University of Houston000
45University of Texas at Dallas - CSL000
46University of Toronto000
47Boston College000
48Boston University - CSL000
49California Lutheran University - CSL000
50"California State University Los Angeles"000
51"California State University Northridge"000
52Champlain College000
53Community College of Philadelphia000
54De Anza College000
55Fanshawe College - CSL000
56Full Sail University - CSL000
57Grand Valley State University - CSL000
58Indiana Institute of Technology000
59Kennesaw State University - CSL000
60Langara College - CSL000
61Marist College - CSL000
62Massachusetts Institute of Technology - CSL000
63Miami University - CSL000
64New Mexico State University - CSL000
65Northeastern University - CSL000
66Northern Arizona University - CSL000
67Pennsylvania State University Brandywine - CSL000
68Shepherd University - CSL000
69Skidmore College - CSL000
70South Dakota School of Mines and Technology - CSL000
71St. John's University - CSL000
72University of Arkansas - Fayetteville - CSL000
73University of Connecticut - CSL000
74University of Delaware - CSL000
75University of Kentucky - CSL000
76"University of Maryland Baltimore County - CSL"000
77University of Massachusetts Amherst - CSL000
78University of Texas at Austin - CSL000
79University of Texas at El Paso - CSL000
80University of The Fraser Valley - CSL000
81University of Utah - CSL000
82University of Waterloo - CSL000
83Wake Forest University - CSL000
84University of South Carolina Sumter

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