CSL and BAND have revamped our program for Spring 2017 to offer even more opportunities for clubs to earn awesome prizes while getting organized by utilizing BAND. Now, clubs will be able to earn BAND points and unlock great prizes, from sponsored food, T-Shirts, gaming gear, and more! Read below for more details!

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Earn $20,000+ in prizes for your college gaming club!

This Spring, we’re unlocking awesome points for schools who reach a certain level of BAND points (“BP”)! Start unlocking prizes at 500 BP, and aspire to have CSL help design and produce custom club shirts at 5,000 BP, in addition to all the other prizes. Make sure to get on board with BAND this Spring to earn awesome rewards.

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HOW TO EARN POINTS: (a) 1 BP per each unique member; (b) 5 BP per engagement (engagement = post, comment, share, or other content posted on your school BAND).

Notes: table will update on a weekly basis, we will work with BAND to prevent against abuse of the system. We want real content posted, not spam!

Band Leaderboard

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